Monday, March 28, 2011

While You Are Waiting for Something Else

As the title of this blog would suggest, I am currently waiting for something else to finish. I would like to keep working on my study of the whole Bible but I am trying to get this one thing done first. Unfortunately it is being a bit cranky at the moment (and involves printers, excell sheets, and merge fields. Gross)

So to help me pass the time and to help you pass the time, I would like to share an important announcement entitled "The Truth About Bears."

Fun and educational! Hooray!

Sorry about the awkward spacing. I don't know much about HTML.


  1. I'm working something that involves Excel spreadsheets too, but I kind of find it fun. Big surprise, aye?

  2. Quite the clever cartoon. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope you completed your project so you can get back to The Whole Dang Thing.